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Intellectual Submarines

“… assumptions are important.  Ultimately, they put on shoes and go walking, practically affecting our parenting….  First, effective Christian parents assume that parenting will not be easy, but that the rewards will ultimately make it all worthwhile.  Second, effective Christian parents are willing to hold God’s sovereignty and their responsibility in tension.  Third, effective Christian parents assume an offensive mind-set.  They pursue their children’s hearts.  They do everything possible to make the gospel attractive.  Protecting their children from worldly influence is not their fundamental goal.  Fourth, effective Christian parents are shrewd about new birth.  They do not assume it.  They understand the nature of new birth, and they carefully look for its symptoms.  Fifth, effective Christian parents labor to focus their families on God, not their children.  In all of this, we have continually referenced the gospel.”

–excerpt from “Gospel-Powered Parenting”