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The Rest of the Story – Marti Wiegman

Excerpt from the dramatization:

Do you understand the lesson of Exodus yet?  We are lost, we are undone.  We are all undone.  And we need a Redeemer.  We need the true lamb of sacrifice.  We need a Great High Priest.  Do you understand how strange it is for me to be telling you the rest of the story?

You are the rest of the story!  You who know the fullness of God’s redemption.  You who know the gospel.  All that we experienced was just a picture of what every human heart so desperately needs… what you have.

You know the full redemption of the blood of Jesus Christ.  And because Christ paid the penalty of our sins as we rely on his holiness we are safe from the curse of death.  You have a great High Priest.  Your Christian lives are living tabernacle.  You can enter the throne room of God any time of the day or night and be heard… how do you get anything done?!?!

Jesus is the rest of the story!  You, His brides, are the rest of the story!