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Halfway There!

Adventure Nights has finished its third night.

It has been a good week so far, with lots of kids engaging in lots of activity with lots of enthusiasm.  Most important, though, is the fact that the message of the Gospel is being proclaimed every night to young receptive hearts.

Let’s keep praying.  It is God who is at work here.

  • Many have said they are tired.  It is a good tired, they say, but tired nonetheless… Pray for continued strength for safe activities and gracious instruction.
  • Pray for perspective.  What is happening has eternal significance.  The Gospel we proclaim has eternal consequences and can impact generations of lives.
  • As you pray, remember.  You are engaging in a real spiritual battle.  The enemy does not like it, but God is sovereign and has already defeated the greatest enemy to face mankind, death!

By all mean, please pray, and pray with confidence.  Let the fact that Jesus, God’s perfect Son, lived a perfectly obedient life, died as a perfect sacrifice for our sins, and rose from the dead to conquer sin forever bring you strength.