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In His Presence: Northpoint Prayer January 4, 2012

Our Father in heaven… Matthew 6:9

First and foremost, prayer is about our relationship with God the Father.  He has authority over us, so we owe Him obedience; infinite love, so we know He seeks our good.  We fear Him as our Judge but run to Him as our Provider.  His power can accomplish anything, but in wisdom He does only what is best.  Our perfect Father gives the best gifts, not just to make us happy but to make us like Himself.  The Creator and sustainer of the universe is an affectionate “Dad” who desires us to spend time with Him.  That’s why we pray.

World Concerns:

Commit 2012 into the hands of the God who rules over all the affairs of men on earth.  Ask Him to advance His kingdom in every continent on earth and to protect and empower His Church, so that we bring Him glory in all things.  Ask that Christ be lifted up to draw all people to Himself.

National Issues:

Ask God to use us, Northpoint and His Church in America, to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Let our nation trust Him in a troubled economy, look to Him to lead us in an election year, value Him above all things, obey Him at all times, and follow His will and wisdom as our only good.

Missionary Matters:

Ask God to open the eyes of the lost in the community around Cross City Church in Ohio.  Pray that He will use Scott and Ken to build a missional community, with leaders equipped to reach the lost and disciple new believers.  Pray for a growing, Godly, unified community that honors God in all things.  Pray for spiritual protection.

Northpoint Ministry:

  • Worship: Pray for leadership to worship God in spirit and truth.
  • Office staff and Ministry support: Praise God for their excellence and how they make our ministries effective.  Ask Him to empower their work, protect their homes, and shine in their lives.
  • Nursery: Ask God to protect the youngest at Northpoint, provide for their loving care, and prepare their hearts to receive Him as Lord.
  • Ministry events: Ask God to accomplish His purpose in the men’s and women’s prayer gatherings, Men of the Word, Women of the Word, and the winter youth retreats.