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In His Presence: Northpoint Prayer January 9, 2012

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name – Matthew 6:9

Oh to know God for who He truly is!  The word “hallowed” reminds us that the One we pray to is utterly unlike us.  He is divine, we are human.  He the Creator, we the creation.  His is moral perfection, ours total depravity.  We depend entirely on all He provides constantly.

Prayer begins the journey of coming to know this holy God.  In the process, we find our rightful place in relation to Him, child to Father.

World Concerns:

Pray for Mexico, our neighbors to the south.  Ask God to make His Church strong and to enable them to lay a spiritual foundation for national stability and growth.  Pray that God will raise up sound, godly leadership in all levels of government, so the Mexican people can “lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way” to further the spread of the Gospel.

National Issues:

Ask God to arrest the spiritual decline of the United States and to deliver us from the temptation of using our freedom, which He gave us, to disobey Him.  Ask God to revive the Church in America and use us to restore our nation to the path of His righteousness.

Missionary Matters:

Rick and Brenda Eisemann, E3 Partners (Equip, Evangelize, Establish): Ask God to make the Gospel “the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes,” as they coordinate outreach in Ethiopia.  Pray for their ministry to produce mature believers, who in turn make disciples of others.

Northpoint Ministry:

  • Worship Pastor: Don’t grow weary in praying for the process of filling this last key position on our pastoral staff.
  • John Sloan: Praise God for bringing him to lead our body.  Pray earnestly for effective ministry and spiritual protection for John and his family.
  • Missions and Outreach: Keep all of Northpoint’s outreach efforts in prayer.  Ask God to give us a heart for making disciples of Jesus Christ, both locally and worldwide.  It is the reason we are here.
  • Ministry Events: Ask God to accomplish His purpose in our Men’s and Women’s Prayer time, Men of the Word and Women of the Word, and ESL.