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Rest for Your Journey

This week, Pastor John hands over the TAGD keyboard to Marti Wiegman, Northpoint’s Director of Women’s Ministries.

Hello Church Family,

What a gracious privilege Pastor John has extended to me to write to you, our Northpoint family, this week—especially in light of our upcoming women’s retreat.

I have so loved diving into the book of Genesis. What a powerful study and we’ve only just begun! The first time I remember “studying” this book was when I was four or five. My mother taught children’s church and she had a flannel graph storyboard with pieces displaying all the wonders of each day of creation. Until the seventh day: there was just this yellow glow with the words, “God Rested.” I guess it’s hard to draw a good picture of rest.

Even now I find to it difficult to get a good mental picture of what it means to rest—and of how vital this is for us. I’m sure we’d all agree that God didn’t rest because he was exhausted—his power and energy are infinite! He rested, in part, to give us an example to follow.

In Women of the Word we have been studying through the book of John. In the life of Jesus we see this same example again and again—there is a need to set aside our limitless labors and rest.

Looking at the busy lives we ladies lead (and men as well), it feels like the ability to rest takes a miracle—as much as calling the sun and the moon into existence! As strange as it sounds, true rest often takes planning, determination, and even sacrifice. But it is God’s design for us to be revived, refocused, and recreated.

That’s why I want to encourage each of you ladies to consider being a part of The Journey, our upcoming women’s retreat on April 25-27. Once every two years, our women get away together to deepen our relationships with the Lord and with one another. And in a word—to rest. Whether that means a lingering conversation with an old friend or meeting someone new, an afternoon nap or a late night round of Bunco, a jog along “The Strand” or a stroll to Starbucks, this is the opportunity for you to create the getaway you need most.

This year our speakers will be our own pastors wives: Jenine Sloan, Kim Williams, Eirini Whitefield, Kelly Clubb, and Tiffany Cheuvront. We are blessed to have these ladies in our church family, and I am so excited for you to have the opportunity to get to know them better as they share their personal spiritual journeys and encourage us along the way.

The retreat will be held at the elegant Ayres Hotel near Manhattan Beach. Prices begin at $145.00 based on your choice of accommodation. You can find more information in our brochure. Registrations can be made in the Foyer this Sunday.

I hope you will take a rest along your life’s journey and come be revived with us.

Serving Him together,

Marti Wiegman