Recently in our NP K!DS’ Ministry, we began teaching through a new gospel-centered curriculum called The Gospel Project for Kids. Please see below for a note from Pastor Scott:

NP Parents,

I am very pleased to let you know of a new direction for our K!DS’ Ministry here at Northpoint. Under the expert leadership of NP K!DS’ Ministry Director Terilyn Brown, we recently began teaching through a new gospel-centered curriculum from Lifeway Resources, called The Gospel Project.

The Gospel Project for Kids is a Christ-centered Bible study resource that follows a chronological timeline of Bible events connecting every Bible lesson into God’s grand story of redemption, by which God is reconciling to Himself a lost and rebellious people. Much like our current curriculum, the entire Bible will be taught through every three years. The difference, however, will be in the Christ connection that is intentionally emphasized each week. Our kids will see how each story points to Christ’s redemptive work and our continued need for a Savior to redeem and restore us.

This new curriculum will help us bring greater emphasis to one of our core Northpoint values of gospel centrality in our teaching, while still supporting relationally based K!DS’ Ministry, another of our core values. While we will be utilizing aspects of the curriculum that includes music, videos, and fun activities, our primary emphasis is still going to be the close relationships between our kids and those who volunteer to teach and shepherd them.

I am including two resources to give you a look into the curriculum and the new emphasis we will be having in our K!DS’ Ministry. The first is a video by Pastor Matt Chandler from the Village Church (click here to watch), who does a superb job of explaining the importance of having a Christ-centered view of all of Scripture. The second resource is the scope and sequence of all the Bible lessons that will be taught through in three years (click here to open).

Together for the gospel,

Pastor Scott Williams

Adults and Families