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The How-To’s of Effective Evangelism Class

The Scriptures teach that we believers are God’s chosen means for reaching the world with the good news. And most Christians understand that an essential element of their growth in Christlikeness is an increasing desire to share the gospel with others. Yet the idea of actually doing evangelism fills many with apprehension or even terror. Some mistakenly believe that evangelism is best left to credentialed theologians or gifted orators. Thus, many Christians would have to admit that they almost never share the gospel with anyone.

Effective evangelism requires courage, compassion, and confidence. Many Christians have the first two but lack the third. In order to address this, we will be offering a five-week elective course called The How-To’s of Effective Evangelism, starting on September 7. The course, which will meet during the second service (10:45 a.m.) in Heritage Hall, will be moderated by Pastor Brent Whitefield and Prof. Craig Hawkins. Our sessions will not focus on evangelism theory, but will offer practical tips and training in effective evangelism. You will hear testimonies from those who engage in evangelism as a lifestyle and will even role-play real-life scenarios with which all of us can identify.

Do you have a heart for your neighbors, coworkers, family, and friends who don’t know Christ, but lack the confidence to engage them with the truth of the gospel? Make this five-Sunday investment of your time to get the training you need to be more faithful and successful in playing your part in the fulfilling of the Great Commission.