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Lavish Affection for Jesus


Lavish Affection for Jesus
John 12:1-11
Pastor Scott Williams

Introduction: This morning we celebrate Palm Sunday, the day when Jesus made is triumphal entry into Jerusalem, where he would complete His mission on earth and bring salvation to the world. The Gospel of John sets the story of Jesus being anointed with oil right before entering Jerusalem. Here we see the beautiful picture of pure, lavish affection for Jesus Christ that is a model for all of us this Easter.




Questions for Discussion & Discovery

1. The purpose of this dinner was to “honor” Jesus. What do you think they were honoring Him for (Chapter 11)? What does Mary’s gift reveal about her devotion to Christ?

2. In this passage, and the others (Mark 14:3-9, Mathew 26:6-13), it is revealed that some of the disciples were uncomfortable with such a lavish expression of affection and worship. In what ways can we today feel offended by other’s expressions of worship? Is it even possible to be too lavish in expressions of worship?

3. What are the three reasons why Jesus commands Judas to leave Mary alone (vv. 7 & 8)?

4. What does Jesus mean by “the poor you will always have with you”? What do you think Jesus is not saying here?

5. What can we learn about devotion and worship from this passage? In what ways can we improve in this important area of the Christian life?

Sermon Slides

1. Understanding the value and worth of Christ sparks lavish expressions of worship.

2. Our sinful heart will tempt us to treasure other things more than we value Jesus.

3. The treasuring of Jesus is an ongoing pursuit.