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Sermon Notes + 5.19.2024


This Is Eternal Life
John 17:2-3
Dr. Tony Chute, Lead Pastor

Overview: Jesus’s prayer in John 17 reveals the relationship of the Son to the Father and offers insight into the relationship we can have with the only true God. John has already affirmed that Jesus is equal to the Father in terms of deity, while here, Jesus affirms that He and the Father share the same desire and design to give eternal life to fallen and sinful humanity. Although the Father and the Son are equal in every respect, the plan of salvation requires the incarnation of the Son whereby the Father sends the Son, grants Him authority over all flesh, and gives to the Son people who will receive eternal life. Jesus defines eternal life as knowing God, which comes through and is inseparable from the work of Christ. Such knowledge is based on truth but goes beyond the intellect, resulting in a relationship of childlike trust and obedience, as demonstrated by the Son’s petition to the Father.

01. Eternal life is an attribute of God that is unique to the Trinity, thus separating God from all other created beings.

02. Eternal life is the gift of God to us coming from the Father to the Son, thus honoring the finished work of the Son.

03. Eternal life is knowledge of God through the Son, thus leading us to love God and live in relationship to God.


1. In what ways does John 17 give us insight into the relationship between the Father and the Son? Put another way, how does this prayer demonstrate that Jesus is dependent upon the Father, is distinct from the Father, and is still equal to the Father? Why is it important to confess unity in the Godhead while recognizing distinctions between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? See Hebrews 1 for further insight.

2. Jesus’ authority over all flesh (verse 2) means having authority over the entire human race. How does this claim compare with those who suggest that all religions are equal? Can any other religious figure share the same status as Jesus in this regard? Since God the Father has given Jesus authority over all flesh, how should people respond to the work of Jesus on the cross? See Psalm 2 and Philippians 2:5-11 for further insight.

3. How does the eternality of God separate Him from all created beings? Is there anything besides God that has no beginning or end? Since everything except God has a beginning (including time and space), what does it say about God that He chose to create us and redeem us for His glory? See Isaiah 57:17 for further insight.

4. What is eternal life, according to Jesus (verse 3)? What can we know about God apart from Jesus (see Romans 1:20)? Why can we not know God except through Jesus (see John 1:16-18)? How does knowing God reach beyond information about God and extend to living in relationship before God?

5. On various occasions, Jesus was asked, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” (see Matthew 19:16; Mark 10:17; Luke 10:25, and Luke 18:18). How would you answer that question if it were posed to you?

For Further Reading: Erwin Lutzer, Christ Among Other gods: A Defense of Christ in an Age of Tolerance (Moody Press, 1994)


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