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Winter Camps – Packing List

Winter Camps for our junior/ senior highers and 4th-6th graders are January 6-8, 2017, at Thousand Pines Christian Conference Center.

Here’s Your Packing List:

Bible/notebook & pen

Sleeping bag/pillow

Spending money ($10-$20) for snack shop

Camera (Optional)



Towel/ washcloth/ soap

Comb/ brush (optional)

Lip balm

Laundry/plastic bag (might bring home snow-wet clothes)

Winter/ski pants (or waterproof/ slick warm-ups to go over jeans)

Beanie/ knit hat


Non-slip shoes

Warm clothes (extra pants)

Extra socks

Jacket/ coat NOT OPTIONAL!

Hand lotion

Extra throw blanket

Other personal items

Please DO NOT bring electronic/media devices.

Cell Phones are permitted only under staff supervision and should not be used for social purposes during the duration of camp. If your child takes a phone, they need to let their counselor know when they are using it. We cannot be responsible for lost or broken phones. Phones will be taken away and return to parents if students use without permission.

Camp Contact Information:

Website: Thousand Pines

359 Thousand Pines Road PO Box 3288 Crestline, CA 92325

Phone Emergency only (909) 338-2705 toll-free: (888) 423-2267

Emergency Contact:
Carolee Jefferson: 951.310.6026 (Students JH & SH)
Kim Williams: 714.234.8045 (Kids Camp)