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8.13.2017 Sermon Notes & Slides

Sermon Notes

Two Strolls on a Furious Lake
Matthew 14:22-33
Pastor John Sloan

Introduction: The term “storm” has become a metaphor for difficult times in our lives. And rightly so. When tragedy strikes it can feel like we’re being tossed around, beaten by the waves of change, and nearly submerged by unexpected pain. When a literal storm hit his earliest disciples and rendered them dirty, drenched, and despondent, Jesus showed up in a way they never imagined, revealing more about the Savior than the anxious sailors.




Questions for Discussion & Discovery

1. What is the significance of the timing of Jesus’ prayer (in verse 23)?

2. When you read about Jesus walking on water, are you ever skeptical? Do you ever wonder if this event really happened? What reassures your heart when you doubt?

3. What was it that prompted Peter’s feet to begin to sink (see verse 30a)? What distractions or other foci cause you to take your eyes of Jesus?

4. “Jesus saves before he scolds” (Bruner). What does this statement mean? How can you attest to its validity in your own life?

5. How did the disciples respond to Jesus’ presence (verse 33)? Why does this matter?

Sermon Slides

1. Read Matthew 14:22-27.

2. “They understood Jesus miraculously broke the loaves so hungry people would be satisfied. They didn’t understand that Jesus Himself was the bread of life and He Himself must be broken so hungry souls would be satisfied. They understood Jesus had power, but didn’t understand He was power. They understood Jesus was from God, but didn’t understand Jesus Himself was God.”

3. Read Matthew 14:27.

4. 01. The Lord stands with us in our trials and sustains us by his comforting presence.

5. Read Matthew 14:28-30.

6. “By Peter’s example, believers are taught to beware of over-much rashness … of transgressing … limits.” – John Calvin

“His trust, whence was it? Not from anything of his own; but from what was the Lord’s.” – Augustine

8. 02. Anytime we focus on the world around us or rely on our own perceived abilities, and we lost sight of Jesus, fear and anxiety will overtake us.

9. Look at Matthew 14:31-33.

10. 03. Jesus supernaturally rescues before he makes demands.

11. “Faith—the way Jesus wants us to relate to him, important as it is, is not the theme of this story. Jesus’ salvation of even weak-in-faith disciples is.”