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7.01.2018 Sermon Notes & Slides

Sermon Notes and Slides

Gaining a Heart of Wisdom
Psalm 90
Pastor Brent Whitefield

Introduction: The only Psalm of Moses found in the Psalter is often recited at funerals. However, the wisdom it contains is better directed to the living than to the dead. For the believer, the life well lived is only possible with the eternal God at the center and a healthy appreciation of the fleeting nature of our own earthly sojourn. Only by numbering our days and acknowledging God’s greatness may meaning and permanence be given to our labors for the kingdom.

01. God’s eternality and transcendence of time is a source of comfort and reassurance to the believer

02. God’s wrath, directed against our sin and rebellion, makes our lives short and filled with pain.

03. The work and glorious power of God are shown most beautifully and efficaciously in the person of Jesus Christ, who alone gives meaning and permanence to our earthly labors. 

Questions For Discussion & Discovery

Compare this Psalm of Moses with his other Psalms (Exodus 15 and Deuteronomy 32-33). What is the common theme in all of them?

2. How do you reconcile the pronouncement that the lifespan of man is 70 or 80 years with Moses’ own 120-year life?

3. How does the timelessness of God inform our understanding of theology?

4. Is it possible to read verse 13 as a prophetic reference to Christ?

5. At what point in Moses’ life do you suppose this psalm was written?

6. How does the awareness that our days are numbered lead to a heart of wisdom?