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7.08.2018 Sermon Notes & Slides

He Will Hold Me Fast

Psalm 73

Tony Chute, Interim Pastor

Introduction: Psalm 73 begins with a brief confession of faith but it also includes a lengthy crisis of faith. Asaph questioned his fundamental beliefs about God when he observed the prosperity of the wicked. Though his doubts were troublesome, Asaph understood that the direction he took would have an impact on others. By continuing in the means of grace, Asaph’s faith was restored and he gave praise to the Lord who faithfully delivered him through this trial.






Questions For Discussion & Discovery

1. Are you surprised to discover that mature Christians sometimes have doubts about the fundamental truths of Christianity? What events in a person’s life might give occasion for such doubts? How would you distinguish between doubt and unbelief?

2. What is the significance of Asaph’s confession in verse 1 as it pertains to the nation of Israel as a whole and those who are pure in heart? How does this distinction serve as a reminder that a mere cultural appropriation of the faith is insufficient before God?

3. Do you think Asaph sees the world clearly in verses 4-12? In what ways are his observations accurate? In what ways are his observations skewed?

4. Comment on Asaph’s decision to remain silent about his “discovery” in verse 15. Why is this a bold move on his part?

5. Discuss the means of grace that God has given to his people to aid them in the faith. What disciplines are essential for Christian growth? What happens to people when these disciplines are neglected?

6. What promises do you turn to in the Bible in order to find assurance of God’s faithfulness? What warnings do you find in the Bible that discourage you from loving the world more than you love the Lord? How does the reality of heaven and hell help you draw nearer to the Lord?

For further reading: See D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Faith on Trial (Christian Heritage, reprint, 2015).

Sermon Slides

01. There is an important and necessary distinction between doubt and unbelief.

02. When we are struggling in the faith, we should realize that our perspective is skewed; thus our initial conclusions are not to be trusted.

03. Regardless of our doubts, we should still refrain from diminishing the faith of others.

04. Continuing in the means of grace is necessary to lift us out of spiritual depression.

05. When our doubts are resolved and the darkness has lifted, we will find that it was the Lord who kept us from slipping away. Therefore we should praise Him all the more for His faithfulness.