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3.3.2019 Sermon Notes & Slides

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Sermon Notes & Slides

Lost and Found
Luke 15
Pastor Scott Williams

Overview: In one chapter, Luke highlights three of Jesus’ most memorable parables. All three highlight something of great importance that was lost, then after being sought after, was joyously found. The impetus for telling these stories was in reaction to the fact that Jesus had surrounded himself with tax collectors and sinners. The religious leaders at the time deemed this unacceptable and not a characteristic of those who would consider themselves Godly. What do these parables reveal about the nature and character of our God, and what response does that prompt in each of his followers?

01. Our God is a seeking God, a God who takes the initiative to save the lost.

02. Our God joyfully celebrates when repentant sinners turn to him

03. Our God seeks to save all kinds of lost people.

Questions For Discussion & Discovery

1. Briefly describe a time when you lost something of value and could not find it. Was it ever found? What feelings did you have when you found it again?

2. Here Jesus is eating with tax collectors and sinners, who were at the bottom of the social system. Who are those in our culture the church would consider to be this type of an outsider? How does Jesus acceptance of these outsiders make you feel?

3. This Sunday’s sermon mentioned some qualities of God that can be seen in Luke 15. Read this passage again and list other qualities of God that are seen there. What, if anything, stands out to you?

4. Why do you think it is so hard for the older brother to accept the return of his younger brother and his father’s joyous acceptance of him? In what ways do you tend to resemble the younger and older brothers?

5. Read Ephesians 2:1-10 as a group. How do these verses describe those who do not know Jesus—”the lost”? How are “the found” given new life?