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Parent-Child Dedication Info Meeting

Our next Parent-Child Dedication is coming up on Mothers Day, May 12!

A Parent-Child dedication is a commitment that parents make in their hearts and before the church, to raise their children in an environment that embraces the grace, redemption, and knowledge of God that is rooted in Scripture, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. In this act, parents acknowledge that their child has been created by our heavenly Father and belongs to him, who entrusts them to parents as stewards, to raise for the purpose of pointing them to faith in Christ. As stewards, parents commit to live by the grace of God in such a way as to be a positive example of a follower of Jesus Christ. That mean parents pray their children will follow their example of a faith that rests on God’s grace, not on works. It is the parents, then, who are doing the dedicating. The ceremony performed during a church service is simply a public acknowledgment of that commitment.

If you are thinking of participating in our Parent-Child dedication, there will be an interest meeting THIS Sunday, April 28, in the Family Room, at 10:15 a.m. Or, if you’re ready to sign up now, please send an email with the following information to Michele Balga at mbalga@northpointcorona.org:

1. Both parents’ names
2. Child‘s full name
3. Child‘s birth date
4. Digital picture of your child
5. Service you’d prefer