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An Update From the NP Leadership Team

An Update From the NP Leadership Team

Mark Kiker
Elder Chair

Here is the latest on the Leadership Team’s efforts. As mentioned before, we have divided up the Leadership’s workload into subcommittees that will work together to frame the questions and propose solutions back to the entire team. The entire team will make the final decisions, but by having smaller groups clarify specific areas, we can make advances in many areas at one time.

Pastor Search – We have hired a ministry partner, NL Moore, to assist with the pastor search. They have a well-defined process as outlined in some of their literature: “Our approach begins with understanding. Understanding who you are, where you want to go and working together to determine the best way to get there. Our approach balances the very best objective insights with your subjective needs. Broad participation by congregation, staff, and leadership on the front end empowers buy-in and support at the finish line. One size does not fit all when it comes to pastoral leadership. Our team understands that your church is not only an organization, it is also an organism: a unique expression of the living Body of Christ.” NL Moore is involved in many searches, including leading the search for a replacement EFCA West District Superintendent.

You will be hearing more about our planning as we begin meeting with NL Moore. We have a long way to go, and we encourage you to be in prayer for our future pastor.

Elder Expansion – Within a few weeks, Northpoint members will have the opportunity to affirm the proposed persons who will serve on a search committee for new elders. Once affirmed by ballot, we will gather and finalize names and start our vetting process for new elders.

Choral Music – We continue to talk to many about this area. The subcommittee is thankful for the input from the congregation and will continue to move this discussion forward. The Leadership Team affirms our heritage of choral music and seeks to delineate how that will continue at Northpoint.

Deacons/Deaconess – We are outlining the unique role that these people might have as we designate those who can assist the elders and who lead exemplary lives in Christ. Biblical qualifications for deacons/deaconesses are in 1 Timothy and Titus.

Key Perspectives and Documents – As part of the pastor search process, we are collecting and reviewing key church documents that will be shared with candidates as we move forward.

Discipleship – We are looking at coordinating some areas of teaching and training that will assist in the growth of all who come to Northpoint. Our goal is to bring people to Christ and multiply disciples with more formalized growth opportunities.

Finance – The ministry continues to be funded – the bills are being paid, but we are slipping. We are now about $31,000 below last year’s total giving fiscal year-to-date (last month it was about $18,000 under). We are also about $100,000 under our budgeted needs for the year, again down a bit from last time. Staff is doing a great job of not spending beyond our means. Please prayerfully consider how the Lord has blessed you and how you can share that blessing with others. We are thankful for the diligent giving of our congregation, but we are entering a time of need as pastor search costs start becoming a reality.

Updates will continue as we move forward and we ask that you be in fervent prayer for God’s grace to be reflected at Northpoint.

Under His love,

Mark Kiker
Elder Chair