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September 22, 2019 Sermon Notes and Slides

Sermon Notes & Slides

Seek it Like Silver
Proverbs 2
Tony Chute, Interim Pastor

Overview: The quest for wisdom may seem like a recreational pursuit for the intellectually curious, or an activity that appeals to the aged, but wisdom is necessary for all Christians to navigate life in a fallen world by making good, godly decisions.

01. For those who think wisdom is unimportant, consider the alternative. Wisdom prevents us from remaining simple, becoming scoffers or living like fools.

02. For those who think wisdom is unattainable, consider the process. Wisdom comes from receiving, meditating on and applying God’s Word.

03. For those who think wisdom is impractical, consider the potential. Wisdom enables us to value that which is best for us.

04. For those who think wisdom is unappealing, consider the consequences. Wisdom delivers us from death and points us to life everlasting.

Questions For Discussion & Discovery

1. How does Genesis 3 illustrate the wrong way to pursue wisdom? How was the relationship between Adam and Eve changed due to their sin against God? How did their relationship with God and the created order change as a result of their sin? How can Proverbs help us to navigate life in this fallen world?

2. Trace the categories of the simple, the scoffer, and the fool through the book of Proverbs. What characteristics do you find in each? How are such examples evident in today’s world?

3. Are you somewhat intimidated by the pursuit of wisdom? What does it mean to call out for insight or to seek wisdom like silver? How much time are you investing in the pursuit of wisdom? What sources (including the Bible) might you use in order to pursue wisdom?

4. What is the difference between a felt need and a real need? In what ways do people pursue money in order to obtain happiness; or seek leisure in order to avoid responsibility; or walk away from a relationship in order to gain freedom? How does Proverbs address our real needs in light of our felt needs?

5. Are you pressured by friends, family, co-workers, or culture to pursue wisdom according to the world rather than true wisdom that comes from God? What encouragements can you find in this text to help you remain steadfast in living for the Lord?

For Further Reading: David J. Atkinson, The Bible Speaks Today (IVP Academic, 1997).