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November 3, 2019 Sermon Notes and Slides


Sermon Notes & Slides


It Will Cost Him His Life
Proverbs 7
Tony Chute, Interim Pastor

Overview: The lifelong process of making good and godly decisions involves a commitment to pursuing wisdom, coupled with the ability to avoid sinful entrapment. Proverbs 7 details the path of a young man who lacks this wisdom, thereby causing him to fall into temptation, which he is ill-equipped to handle. As he wanders aimlessly, he is met by a woman who pretends to be religious, but promises him illicit pleasure, all the while assuring him that their rendezvous will forever remain in secret. The observer in this narrative draws a different conclusion, noting that such a simple decision has resulted in the death of the young man’s soul. The warning that follows provides us all with sufficient incentive to avoid sin at all costs.

01. Before we face temptation, we need to align ourselves with God’s Word and avoid areas where we are likely to fall into sin.

02. When we encounter temptation, we must recognize our selfish desires are at work and refuse to believe that we will not be caught.

03. After we fall into temptation, we should own the consequences of our sin, and we should plead the merits of Jesus Christ for our forgiveness.


Questions for Discussion and Discovery

1. Has your understanding of wisdom changed in any way since our study in Proverbs first began? How is wisdom most often defined? How is wisdom defined in Proverbs?

2. In what way does the narrator of this episode help us to see the slow but sure development of temptation, which leads to sin? How does the characterization of the young man as being “simple” inform us about his inability to recognize what is lurking just ahead?

3. Chart the path of temptation as it develops in this chapter. In what ways does the woman prey upon the young man? How does her reference to religious sacrifices seem to give credence to her character? How do her actions speak directly against her character? In what ways does the text present the woman as persistent in her pursuit? In what ways is temptation also persistent in our lives?

4. Comment on Proverbs 7:19-20. How often have we been led to sin under the impression that no one will find out about it? How often have we come to realize that we are never able to sin without consequences? How does Proverbs 7:6-7 point us to the reality of God’s oversight in our lives? Are there any secrets that we can hide from Him?

5. Where is the gospel in this chapter? Is there any hope beyond just making wise decisions? What hope of forgiveness existed for people living under the old covenant? How is our hope as Christians made more sure? See Hebrews 10 for further insight.

For Further Reading: John Owen, Overcoming Temptation and Sin. First published c. 1658. Edited by Kelly Kapic and Justin Taylor (Crossway, 2006).