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Northpoint Elder Candidates

Recently, the Northpoint Elders put forward Woody Armstrong and Craig Hawkins as Elder candidates. On Sunday, January 24, at our Congregation Meeting, the Elders will present the candidates for affirmation. After that, members will vote online and via US Mail.

To help you get to know Woody and Craig better, you will find their bios below: 

IMG_1262 (1)Woody Armstrong – As part of being considered for the role of elder at Northpoint, I have been asked to submit a brief autobiographical sketch to introduce myself to those who do not know me. What is difficult to know is what to say to that person who does not know me; what do they need to know? My answer to that question is that I want you to know what Jesus has done in my life, though it must be done in a brief fashion.

I was born and reared in an alcoholic home. Furthermore, I was born with a genetic disorder that made me legally blind (20/600 vision). The vision problem was easily fixable, but (I have to say) the Lord hid the solution from the doctors till I was 17. My struggle was, why did the Lord allow these things in my life?

The simple, brief answer is that the Lord used these experiences in my life to draw me near to Him to teach me things about Him and myself that I would not have learned otherwise.

Through these experiences, the Holy Spirit equipped, empowered, and enabled me to be a shepherd and teacher to the Lord’s people. I am a fervent student of God’s Word, truly believing (as you probably do) that it is indeed the Word about the One who gives life to the full. I attended seminary, receiving a MA in New Testament theology, plus some work towards a doctorate. My passion is to equip the Lord’s people for ministry, to build up the body of Christ, and to help us reach maturity and fullness in Him (Ephesians 4:12-16). Throughout these many years, the Lord has given me the privilege of many opportunities to serve as a pastor and teacher in numerous ways in His church, both in a vocational capacity (senior, associate, youth, etc.) as well as non-vocationally.

My wife Helen and I have been married for over 50 years, and we have 3 adult believing children and 4 of the most beautiful grandkids. We have been at Northpoint for a little over 10 years, serving in teaching (Men of the Word, Sunday school classes, etc.) and ministering to people.

What do I have to offer to the body at Northpoint as an elder? As a broken person having found (and still finding) healing and wholeness, I want to help other broken persons find healing and wholeness in and through the Lord by using the gifts He has provided me within the areas of teaching, counseling, and building relationships.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

To God be the glory.



Craig Hawkins – My family and I have been involved at Northpoint for about 12 years. I am married to Janet, and we have three children: Sarah (18), Daniel (17, who is in heaven), and Joshua (14). I have co-led the ADG or Sunday School class, “Living by the Truth,” for about 12 years and have been involved with the T.O.T. (Training of Trainers) of pastors and other Christian leaders in India and surrounding countries since its inception in the summer of 2013. My goal in all of my ministry activities is three-pronged: (1) Glorify God, (2) equip Christians in what we believe and why, and better know God’s Word and to live out our faith, and (3) equip and encourage Christians to share their faith with non-Christians (Ephesians 4:11-16; Philemon 1:6).

I have spent a lifetime studying Christianity to better understand the Faith, live it, and to teach other Christians how to share it. Indeed, I have spent my life sharing the Faith and studying and teaching about the cults, the occult, false theology, and non-Christian religions and philosophies to protect the saints, teach them sound doctrine, and show them how to winsomely share the gospel with everyone (1 Corinthians 9:19-22).

I have many years of experience in ministry and teaching. For example, I have graduate degrees and formal education in apologetics, cultural studies, philosophy, philosophy of religion, and theology. I have taught at Trinity Law (and Graduate School) for 32 years. I have taught at Biola University, Concordia University, Simon Greenleaf University, with the Talbot Institute of Biblical Studies (TIBS), the Salt Institute, and several other organizations. I was a Senior Research Consultant for the late Dr. Walter Martin, have served as the Associate Dean of the School of Apologetics at Simon Greenleaf University, as the Director of the Simon Greenleaf Institute of Apologetics at Trinity International University (California Campus), and served as the Director of Graduate Studies at Trinity Graduate School (California Campus). I have appeared on numerous radio and television programs, including co-hosting the “Bible Answer Man program with Walter Martin, and currently, I co-host “Living by the Word” that airs on Sundays on KKLA 99.5 FM.

My wife and I have experienced many personal tragedies and other trials in life and ministry. We believe these experiences have prepared us for further ministry and give us empathy for those who also go through the storms and heartaches of life. Janet and I are dedicated to this body of believers and we want the very best for each of you.