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Sermon Notes and Slides


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Sermon Notes

Gospel Scents
2 Corinthians 2:12-17
Pastor Mark Spansel,
Crossroads Community Church, Valencia

Overview: Do you know what the victory of Christ over death smells like? Do you know the effect it has on all of mankind? The glorious victory of Jesus on the cross and in the resurrection has massive consequences on all of humanity. This text describes them as the “scents” of the gospel. You can learn a lot about what the gospel does in you and the world around you from listening to Paul’s words in this beautiful text. What do you smell?

Five scents of Christ’s victory that should be displayed in our lives:

01. The Scent of Humanity [2:12-13]

02. The Scent of Knowledge [2:14]

03. The Scent of Death [2:15-16]

04. The Scent of Life [2:15-16]

05. The Scent of Sincerity [2:17]


Give Thanks – Thank God for the power over sin and death that Christ demonstrated. Thank Him for the resurrection power that is yours as a child of God. Thank Him for the privilege of spreading the fragrance of Christ that He has given you.

Seek Him – Ask God to give you clarity as to what your witness smells like. Do you struggle in understanding and applying the victory of the resurrection to your life? Ask God for the wisdom to know how to walk in triumph as a redeemed follower of Jesus. Not a Christian? Ask God to give you the triumph of Christ’s victory!

Discuss Together – Which scent stood out to you the most? Which scent do others see most clearly reflected in your life and your gospel ministry to others? What is one truth you need to rehearse to yourself more often and one action step you need to move forward in obedience?