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Sermon Notes and Slides

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Grace Upon Grace
John 1:16-17
Dr. Tony Chute, Lead Pastor

Overview: John’s gospel introduces us to the person and work of Jesus from a historical and theological standpoint. He notes that prior to the coming of Jesus, God’s people relied on the Mosaic law for their understanding of God and to have a relationship with God. The coming of Jesus Christ did not contradict but rather took this understanding and relationship to a higher level. Though there were people in John’s day who did not receive Christ, those who believe in Jesus then and now are recipients of grace upon grace which applies to all areas of the Christian life.

01. Grace is a gift that must be received for its effects to be applicable; therefore, let us not fall short of receiving God’s grace to us in Jesus Christ.

02. Grace is a gift that keeps on giving because the source of grace is inexhaustible; therefore, let us continue drawing grace from God’s well that never runs dry.


1. How does John’s Gospel combine history and theology? Why is it important for the historical events to occur in order for us to understand who God is and what He has done? Put another way, how does an event like the incarnation add to our understanding of God’s love for sinners?

2. What does John mean when he states that the law came through Moses? How does Jesus add to our understanding of God’s law? Why is it important to affirm that Jesus did not contradict the law of God or provide another way of salvation in addition to the law of God?

3. How does John evaluate the ministry of Jesus in light of the writings of Moses? See John 1:45, 3:14, 5:45-46, 6:32, 7:19-23, and 8:5. Note how John’s comparison and contrast between Jesus and Moses point us forward to believe in Jesus rather than stop short with Moses. What does this imply about our need to press forward to Christ today, regardless of our previous religious background?

4. In what ways is God’s grace evidenced in your life today? Are you a recipient of saving grace? Have you thanked God for restraining grace? Are you relying on persevering grace? Do you see evidence of God’s common grace in the world today?

For Further Reading: Charles Spurgeon, Faith’s Checkbook (originally published in 1893 as The Cheque Book of Faith; now available through multiple publishers).