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Sermon Notes and Slides

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Truths for the Dark Times
Isaiah 25:3-4
Woody Armstrong, Northpoint Elder

Overview: It is one thing to know the truth and another thing to apply the truth. Truth will always be true despite the circumstances or what others may say. This is especially true if it is God Himself who has spoken the truth. But challenges in our lives will arise which will cause us to doubt the truth, or perhaps more often, just divert our attention away from the truth. The struggle then is not so much about knowing the truth, but rather, about consistently applying the truth amid the storms of life. Some of the truths that we need to stay focused on during the trials and tribulations are:

Truth #01. God is sovereign, and He is intimate

Truth #02. Our need of each other

Truth #03. In all circumstances, God’s desire is to bring us closer to Him


01. Do I really desire to grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord? Do I see a need to grow deeper? Or am I content with where I am at?

02. If I truly desire to grow deeper, then what do I see as weaknesses or hindrances in my growing deeper?

03. What steps am I willing to take to deal with those obstacles?


1. Is there someone you know, or perhaps have heard or read about, who has what you see as a deep relationship with the Lord. In what ways or areas do you see the depth of that relationship being displayed?

2. When was the last occasion or time that you would describe your relationship with the Lord as being deep, or close, or intimate (or whatever word you think appropriate)?

3. What are the times or occasions that you experience the greatest distance in your relationship with the Lord, and why and how do those occur in your life?

4. In your opinion, is there a way or ways that, as the body of Christ at Northpoint, we together could grow deeper in the Lord as His church, and if so, how? If so, what difference or differences do you think it would make at Northpoint?