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Sermon Notes and Slides

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So Isaac Was Comforted
Genesis 23-24
Tyler Van Horssen, Director of Student Ministries

Overview: Life does not slow down when we mourn and suffer. Neither did it for Abraham and Isaac. In Genesis 23-24, we see a picture of mourning quickly dropping into the background as the narrative continues moving forward. This does not mean that the mourning subsided for Abraham and Isaac. Rather, it continues to play a key role in the narrative that displays what it means to be faithful to God and others even as we mourn.

01. God calls us to be faithful to Him and His promises as we suffer. This means serving as a model of suffering to those around us and aiming to reflect the God of all comfort through our suffering.

02. God calls us to be faithful to others as both we and they mourn and suffer. This means mourning together as a community of faith and walking with one another in long-term suffering.