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NEW Evangelism and Discipleship Class!


As Christians, we are called to share our faith and to disciple others as they follow Jesus. However, it is often intimidating to share our faith and to invest in the lives of others in a discipling relationship. To help you evangelize and disciple better, we’re offering a new class through the summer, Evangelism and Discipleship. Beginning June 26, we will focus on a theology of evangelism and discipleship, the role of the local church, and practical ways to both evangelize and disciple. We hope that you will join us this summer!

Here are the Details:

Teacher: Pastor Taylor Mendoza

Required Reading: Purchase the below books at the bookstall prior to our first-class meeting.

  1. Mack Stiles, Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus
  2. Mark Dever, Discipling: How to Help Others Follow Jesus

Meeting Times: Sunday during first service in the Commons, beginning June 26 and continuing through August 14.

Who is it for?

Everyone! However, we strongly recommend that Growth Group leaders, WOW disciplers, MOW leaders, and small group leaders across all of our ministries attend because this class is specifically designed to equip you to share what you have learned with your small group. In addition, we ask that every participant agree to these three things:

  1. The Evangelism and Discipleship class is not a replacement for participation in the main service during the summer.
  2. All reading should be done ahead of time before the class. The reading is about 20 pages per week.
  3. You will make time to study and participate in class discussions.

Have any questions? Please visit us at our table in the Foyer on Sundays or email mcordill@northpointcorona.org for more information.