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Welcome Basket Drive!

The City of Corona owns 12 units of housing which will be converted to permanent supportive housing for Corona’s chronically homeless neighbors who have disabilities such as mental illness, substance use disorders, chronic health issues, and physical disabilities. The City has a need for home furnishings for these housing units.

So, we want to organize a Welcome Basket Drive to collect home furnishings for the 12 housing units (four one-bedroom and eight two-bedroom). We want to collect new items (in their original packaging) to donate.

What are we looking for? Check out the list below.

Thank you for considering this as part of your Christmas to bless our homeless neighbors!

Remember, with our Welcome Basket Drive, we want to collect new items (in their original packaging) to donate. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Basket #1 – Bedding Package: Bedding (Full Sheets/Pillowcases/Blanket/Comforter), Pillows, & Mattress cover
  • Basket #2 – Bathroom Package: Bathroom Towels, Washcloths, Mat, Small Waste Basket, Plunger, Toilet Bowl Brush, Bathroom, & Supplies (Toilet Paper, Soap, Shampoo)
  • Basket #3 – Dining Room Package: Place Setting (2-3) Per Unit, Silverware Setting, Cooking Utensils, & Glasses
  • Basket #4 – Cooking Package: Pots and Pans, Assortment of Bowls, Toaster, Can Opener, & Mixer,
  • Basket #5 – Kitchen Package: Coffee Maker, Kitchen Towels, Trash Can, Cleaning Supplies, & Cookbooks
  • Basket #6 – Household Items: Small Vacuum Cleaner, Mop, Duster, Pillows, & Plants

In addition, a “Note of Compassion” can be included to recipients with each purchase/donation. It would be great to write Bible verses, words of encouragement, reminders of God’s love, and a reassurance that the people at Northpoint are ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Our Welcome Basket Drive efforts will last until January 8. Bring donations to the Church Office during the week or to the Foyer on Sundays.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Colin Cordill at ccordill@northpointcorona.org or call the Church Office at 951.734.1335.