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What do the orangutan, black rhino, and men in the church have in common? They are all on the critically endangered species list. At the risk of being labeled misogynist, toxically masculine, or chauvinist, the men of America have largely disappeared from the landscape in contemporary churches. As men have given up their biblically mandated leadership roles in society, the home, the workplace, and fallen prey to the wiles of the world, the vacuum created has predictably spawned chaos in our culture.

At our Stay the Course Men’s Conference, former Navy SEAL Chad Williams will orient our crosshairs on where true identity is to be found, as enlisted warriors for Christ set on a collision course against the campaign of darkness. We are soldiers on a mission to sabotage the plans of the enemy of our souls.

In addition, Kenny Luck will be discussing how this cultural moment is calling for men to live out their truest identity, defeat immaturity and temptation, and ignite a revolution of God’s justices in their relationships and communities.

And because, as men, we love having fun, we will be entertained by one of America’s premier inspirational comedians, Nazareth, to help us laugh at our maleness.