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Sermon Notes + 4.30.2023




The Spirit Had Not Yet Been Given
John 7:37-38
Dr. Tony Chute, Lead Pastor

Overview: John’s Gospel presents the life of Christ and provides insight about life in Christ. When Jesus attended the Feast of Booths in Jerusalem, He invited all who were spiritually thirsty to come to Him, and they would have rivers of living water flowing from within. John informs us that Jesus was speaking of the Holy Spirit, who had not yet been given but would be poured out on God’s people after Jesus was glorified. This combination of historical events and theological truths reveals yet another stage in the plan of redemption. God the Father sent God the Son to die on the cross for the forgiveness of sins whereupon God the Holy Spirit would come to dwell within all who believe in order to give them abundant life. John thus introduces us to the privilege of having true fellowship with God now and forevermore.

01. The invitation to come to Christ for salvation is universal; all who are thirsty may come.

02. The invitation to come to Christ includes the giving of the Spirit; all who believe are indwelt.

03. The invitation to come to Christ leads to abundant living; all who believe are transformed.


1. Note how John 7 begins with a reference to the dangers Jesus faced from those who sought to kill him (verses 1, 10, 19, 25). Contrast this with Jesus’s teaching in the Temple (verses 14, 26) and with His bold proclamation on the last day of the feast (verse 37). How does Jesus’ public invitation in the face of danger underscore the importance of the invitation itself? How does His example encourage us to be bolder in telling others about Jesus, even in the face of difficulty?

2. What does Jesus mean by the term “glorified” as it relates to His life on earth and death on the cross? (See John 7:39, 12:16, 23, 28; 13:31-32; 17:1-5). How is God the Father glorified through the obedience of His Son, even to the point of the cross? See Philippians 2:4-11 for further insight. How can we live in such a way as to bring glory to God?

3. What was the role of the Holy Spirit in the life and ministry of Jesus? (See Luke 1:35; 4:14, 18; 10:21 for further insight). How does Jesus’s dependence on the Holy Spirit encourage our dependence on the Holy Spirit today?

4. Note the following passages from the Old Testament that speak to the future pouring out of the Holy Spirit (Jeremiah 31:31-34; Ezekiel 36:24-27; Joel 2:28-32). What advantages do believers have today over those who lived before the pouring out of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:1-21? Did the Holy Spirit indwell believers prior to the glorification of Christ? How is your life different now with regard to the Holy Spirit than it was before you came to Christ?

5. Looking ahead, what does John teach us about the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives? (See John 1:33; 3:5, 34; 4:23; 14:17; 16:13). Thank God for not only forgiving us of our sins through Christ but also giving us the Holy Spirit to us.

For Further Reading: James Hamilton, Jr., God’s Indwelling Presence: The Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments (Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing)