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Sermon Notes + 5.21.2023




I Am the Light of the World
John 8:12-30
Tyler Van Horssen, Director of Student Ministries

Overview: In John 8, Jesus makes a bold claim about His divinity, calling Himself the light of the world. This serves as a thesis for the rest of the passage, as this self-claim had significant Old Testament meaning which would have been apparent to the Pharisees. This statement would also have clear implications for Jesus’ hearers because of the context of where and when He said it: the temple treasury during the Feast of Tabernacles. Despite Jesus’ clarity in His self-claim, the Pharisees both reject and misunderstand who He is, demonstrating that they dwell in spiritual darkness. Since Jesus is speaking as one who is the light and the Pharisees speak from the perspective of being in darkness, the Pharisees continue to miss the point of who Jesus is and what He is teaching them, leading them to further confusion and misunderstanding in their dialogue with Him.

01. Jesus is the light of the world. Whoever follows Him will not walk in darkness.

02. Jesus is the light of the world. Whoever follows Him will have the light of life.


1. Read John 8:12. What does it mean to walk in the light versus walking in darkness?

2. Because of their presuppositions and self-righteousness, the Pharisees completely miss the point of who Jesus is and what He is saying to them. How can you approach God’s Word with humility and teachability so that your own presuppositions do not push you to false conclusions when studying it?

3. What is the significance of Jesus saying, “Unless you believe that I AM, you will die in your sins?”

4. Why do you think that it is only after Jesus is lifted up and crucified that the people will genuinely understand who he is? (John 8:28)

5. Look at John 8:12. Jesus says that those who follow Him will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life. What does it look like for you to follow Jesus Christ faithfully today?