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Sermon Notes + 11.19.2023




Go and Bear Fruit
John 15:1-17
Tyler Van Horssen, Director of Student Ministry

Overview: As mentioned last week, the Holy Spirit unites believers to the Father and Son. In John 15:1-17, Jesus then explores the implications of what it means to be united to Him through the work of the Spirit. Rather than it being a mere theological proposition, this union between Jesus (the Vine) and His disciples (the branches) inevitably leads to His disciples bearing fruit as they abide in Him.


01. Disciples bear fruit through prayer

02. Disciples bear fruit through obedience

03. Disciples bear fruit through loving one another


1. When you think about your union with (abiding in) Christ, do you think about it only in terms of relationality? What about in terms of duty?

2. Why do you think the natural byproduct of union with Christ is bearing fruit?

3. What do you think it means when it says there are branches in the true vine that do not bear fruit (15:2)? Were these branches—that are later thrown into the fire (15:6)—ever really a part of the true vine? Why or why not?

4. Do you see bearing fruit as primarily active or passive? In what ways is it both?

5. What are some ways you can deepen your communion with Christ through prayer?

6. One of the ways your fruit can abide (15:16) is through sharing the gospel. What are some ways you can incorporate evangelism into your daily life? Do you currently have someone you are sharing the gospel with?

7. What should loving one another as Christ has loved you (15:12) look like? What should it look like for you at Northpoint? What should it look like for you in your neighborhood or at your work?

8. What do you think it looks like for your joy in Christ to be full (15:11)? Does your joy in Christ change based on your circumstances? Why or why not?