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Pride, Fear, or Faith – A Quote

Often, the first way a man responds to God is with pride.  This response communicates that “I know better than God does.”  Travel… with me to an ER scene.  Imagine that I come strolling in, tap the attending physician on the shoulder, and start giving him tips on how to treat my son.  I’m qualified,… Continue Reading

Small Group Discussion Question Suggestions

Here are some small group discussion question suggestions from Greg Koukl, our speaker at this year’s men’s retreat: Do you have a spiritual mentor?  Does he seem so far advanced in his faith that you wonder whether you could do anything productive for the Kingdom?  What does Greg say about such “heroes of the faith”… Continue Reading

Family Freeway Series

We had a BALL at the Family Freeway Series on July 2!  70 of us went to see the Angels play the Dodgers at Angel’s Stadium.  Join us for our next event!  Check your Resource Folder or the table in the lobby on Sunday morning to keep up on the latest events!  Or contact Amber… Continue Reading

Syrup on the Mount – Dave Lorenz

Saturday, April 16th, we will be having our annual Syrup on the Mount Band of Brothers breakfast.  We will meet on campus at 7:00 am and “truck pool” up the mountain, returning around 10:30 am.  Craig Hawkins will be talking to us about God’s creation and the beauty of it.  Breakfast will be served on… Continue Reading