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Children’s Winter Camp

Okay Kids!  Our Children’s Winter Camp is coming around the corner.  January 7th – 9th, 2011, our 4th through 6th graders will be going up to Pine Summit for a weekend full of Bible study, fellowship, and fun!  This year, our theme is “One Way,” and will be presented by our guest speaker, Todd Sorrell.

“Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.'”  – John 14:6

We will all die someday.  The question you must answer before that day is this: How do I get to Heaven?  The world will tell you that there are many ways to get there.  Most people will even say that they should be permitted to enter heaven because they are “good.”  But God has given us a different answer.  He says that we have all sinned; none is perfect.  He also says that the result of our sin is death and hell.  Forever.  If knowing that fact terrifies and saddens you, then you’re ready for the Good News!  God has provided One Answer to the problem.  One Payment to avoid having to go to hell.  One Way to Heaven.  Jesus!  Do you understand what that truly means?  If so, then you are ready to really start living for God.  If not, you need to learn how much God loves you and how much He wants you to be in Heaven with Him someday.  Forever.  So no matter what your understanding of Heaven is and how to get there, this weekend will provide you with the simple answer to the most important question you can ask: There is One Way to God, and it is through Jesus Christ.  Don’t be fooled by any other answer!

About our Speaker:

Todd Sorrell grew up raising sheep, pigs, and cows in Bakersfield, California.  Once he had hiss fill of dirt clod fights with his brothers, Todd graduated with a degree in Spanish from UCSB, where he was involved with Campus Crusade for Christ.  He then went on to graduate from UCLA School of Law, where he headed the Christian Legal Society.  Todd married his beautiful wife, Celia, and they have three kids – Alexis (11), Ethan (10), and Chloe (8).  He has written a number of books, including his most recent, “Journey to the Bending Light,” a Christian allegory directed to the elementary and middle school levels.  Todd loves to teach Sunday School at San Gabriel Union Church, where he and his wife are members.  He has spoken at both public and private schools about his faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Oh yeah… we almost forgot.  Todd is blessed to be a corporate trial lawyer for one of the biggest law firms in the world, where he is a partner.  And… he is really good at snowball fights!!