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Northpoint Database Update 2019

We are in the process of upgrading the Northpoint database that manages contact information for members/attendees. During the latest software update, some of what we had on file for many of you was lost. And what is left is most likely out of date anyway (perhaps you’ve moved, abandoned your home phone, got a new cell number, or changed email providers). Given that, we need your help to update our rolls. Here are a few ways you can do so: 1. Stop by the Information Center in the Foyer during the month of February to have a friendly staff member update your profile. 2. Call the Church Office at 951.734.1335 at your convenience.

Not in our system at all? We would love to help you change that. Or maybe, you’re already included and would rather not be. We can fix that, too.

Why do we need to know all about you? One big reason is communication! Let’s say, for example, we want to have young men’s get together; right now all we can do is post it here or in the all-church email. Not very efficient. The new system will all us to target specific groups.

Help us to help you to get in touch with your Northpoint family!