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December 29, 2019 Sermon Notes and Slides

There is No Rock like Our Rock
Isaiah 42-49
Pastor Taylor Mendoza

Overview: The threat of exile is here, Assyria and Babylon threaten to overthrow the Israelites and so Isaiah looks into the future prophesies about the time of exile and even after the exile. Isaiah continues to reveal the glory of God as he called the nation of Israel to be His servant who would bring light to the nations, in fulfillment of His promises to Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3), but they failed because of their idolatry. God pours out his judgment. Isaiah looks 150 years into the future and sees king Cyrus of Persia being used of the Lord to send His people back to the promised land to rebuild the temple, walls, and land. Despite their spiritual blindness, God would send the true servant of the Lord, Jesus Christ, who is greater than the nation, greater than Cyrus, and in the lineage of King David, to be a light to the nations and to save His people.

1. The Glory of God (Isa. 42:8; 43:10-11; 14; 44:6-8; 45:5-12; 15-21; 46:9-13; 48:9-11)
A. God’s sovereignty leads to His supremacy.

B. God’s supremacy leads to His glory.

2. The Folly of Idolatry (Isa. 41: 24; 29; 44:9-20; 46:1-7; 47:1-15; 48:5; 22)
A. They are created by humanity.

B. They cannot deliver on their promises.

3. The Salvation of the Servant (Isa. 41:8-9; 42:1-7; 42:18-19; 45:1-5; 49:1-7)
A. Israel failed to bring light to the nations.

B. Jesus Christ brings light to the nations.


Questions for Discussion and Discovery

1. Read again Isaiah 44:6-8. What stands out to you the most about this passage? What assertions does God make about himself?

2. Read again 44:9-20. What is the major contrast between verses 6-8 and 9-20?

3. Read again Isa. 48:9-11. Does the statement God’s chief end is the glorify himself and enjoy himself forever’ sound selfish? Why or why not? What is the proposed answer to this apparent contradiction? (Hint: Look at 43:1-7; 43:25; and 45:21-25 for help)

4. Idolatry is first a matter of the heart before a matter of literally bowing down to idols. This is the essence of worship to love something or someone from our heart. Often this kind of love and worship results in actions that parallel our love. What things or people in your life threaten to take your love away from God? What idols do you worship? Reflect upon their inability to deliver on their promises.

5. Out of these 3 resolutions, which one can you apply to your life immediately as you begin the new year? (1) Resolved, not to be afraid when the world changes, but instead entrust myself to the Rock that cannot be moved in times of distress. (2) Resolved, to recognize that if God is not my greatest love, some idol will take His place and tear me apart spiritually, emotionally, and physically. (3) Resolved, to beware of my own blindness and instead spend precious time with the servant of light, Jesus Christ, in singing, study of the Word, and prayer with the people of God.

For further reading: Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist (Multnomah 2011)