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URGENT NEED for Ryan Sell!


Ryan Sell Block 72Ryan Sell, who is a part of Mike and Kathy Larsen’s Northpoint Growth Group, is in urgent need of a kidney. His health is failing fast, and because of that, he requires hemodialysis three days a week. If you are free of chronic illness and would consider donating a kidney, please take the time to register as a donor with the Loma Linda Transplant Center at their website here: https://llu.donorscreen.org/register/donate-kidney The application takes about 10 minutes to complete.

A few things you’ll need to know for the application:

  • The website asks for Ryan’s birthdate, which is 2/21/1977.
  • His blood type is B+ (Donor does not have to have his blood type).
  • “Yes” is answer for the question asking if he is at Loma Linda Transplant Center.

Thank you!