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Sermon Notes and Slides

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Sermon Notes

Enoch Walked with God
Genesis 5
Dr. Tony Chute, Lead Pastor

Overview: The book of the generations of Adam provides a select list of descendants from the beginning of history to the time of the flood. It is a genealogy that is historical in nature, theological in substance, individual in focus, and communal in application. The blessings of life are evident in the births recorded, length of days provided, and potential realized; yet these blessings are offset by the reality of sin, the frustrations of life, and the certainty of death. The story of humanity, however, extends beyond this world, as demonstrated in the account of Enoch, whose life has a beginning but knows no end. This early indication of a world beyond this world and a life beyond this life is an encouragement to all who walk with God by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who tasted death for everyone and grants eternal life to all who believe.

01. Walking with God is an individual choice that should be preceded by faithful prayers, godly examples, and gospel conversations from those who already know the Lord.

02. Walking with God is an ongoing practice that should include the classic spiritual disciplines, incorporate a Christian worldview, and inspire an inner sense of peace as we prepare to meet the Lord.

Questions for Discussion and Discovery

1. What is the purpose of a genealogy? What does the presence of multiple genealogies in Genesis suggest about its historicity? How does the existence of real persons in this genealogy remind us of our own purpose in life and mortality?

2. In what way does this genealogy highlight the life of the individual? Which individuals in the genealogy stand out to you? How does the lifespan of each individual inform us about the length of life prior to the flood? What would you have done with all that time?

3. What is the significance of Adam being created in the image and likeness of God and then fathering a son in his own image and likeness? In what ways did Seth and his descendants retain the image of God? In what ways did Seth and his descendants reflect the image of Adam?

4. How would you describe the practice of walking with God? In what ways can Christians demonstrate an ongoing relationship with God through the practice of spiritual disciplines? In what ways can you invest in the discipleship of others who are just learning to walk with God?

5. Based on our text, what would you say to someone who says that the Old Testament has only vague notions of eternal life? What other indications or examples of eternal life can you find in the Old Testament? How does the New Testament shed additional light on the subject?

For Further Reading: J. I. Packer, Knowing God (InterVarsity Press; first published 1973; signature edition 2021).