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Marti Wiegman

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Marti Wiegman

Fun Facts About Marti:

Family: Husband: Tom, Son: Jonathan (24) Dogs: “Mori” (Professor Moriarty), “Watson”, “Sherlock” (passed away)

Where are you originally from?: Born in St Louis. Raised in Washington D.C. and Western Pennsylvania

What are some of your favorite books, outside of the Bible, of course!?: Lord of the Rings Trilogy

What’s on your iPod?:  A stack of laundry!!  (I never use it)

What do you think is the best invention ever?: Curling Iron

What’s your favorite movie?: Anything Hitchcock

Another profession you would love to try: Dolphin trainer at Sea World  (minus the black body suit!  Umm . . . you know what I mean.)

Another profession you would NEVER want to try: Assistant to the Director of Women’s Ministries

What is your favorite word?: Grace

When you’re gone, what would you like people to remember about you: I would want them to remember some truth from God’s Word I shared with them along the way.

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