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Why Human Life is Important to God

This week, Pastor John hands over the TAGD keyboard to Pastor Brent Whitefield, Northpoint’s Pastor of Missions and Outreach.

Why Human Life is Important to God

Hello Church Family,

This week, we will commemorate Sanctity of Life Sunday, affirming our stand for the dignity and worth of human life, and against the practice of abortion. The sanctity of human life is, of course, something that we should and do celebrate every week as we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. But what are some specific ways that we can participate as we reflect on the sanctity of life this Sunday?
The most important thing that we as Christians can do is to pray. We need to pray for a revival in our land that will bring people to Christ, and in changing their hearts, give them a new concern and care for the unborn. We need to pray for our political leaders, who have it in their power to make changes, to pass God-honoring laws that protect the most vulnerable in our society. Pray for those who participate, one way or another, in the abortion industry to repent and seek forgiveness from God. Pray that the day will come when abortion will be so uncommon that a sanctity of life Sunday will no longer be necessary.

Secondly, we should support the work of places, such as Corona Life Services, who offer a Christian alternative to abortion. Organizations like CLS are under tremendous pressure to water down their life-giving message to comply with godless government directives. Pray that they will have the courage to stand up for their convictions, and the ability to continue to operate with the spirit of Christ. Pray that the families with whom they interact will not only turn away from abortion but turn to Christ as Savior. We can also support them financially, through attendance at events and fundraisers, and with volunteer hours.

As Christians, we can be agents for change through participation in the political process, organizing and attending marches and rallies, raising awareness about the cause. We should not be silent on an issue that is so near and dear to the heart of God. We should be thankful that through political advocacy, abortion has become more restricted in many states over the last few years, and the total number of abortions has been going down. We can hope that through continued, concerted action, the tide may turn decisively against abortion in our land. But our advocacy should not stop at the condemnation of abortion. We must also help with the alternatives. Namely, we should be at the forefront of advocacy for adoption, the most attractive alternative to abortion. Christians should adopt children themselves, support Christian adoption agencies, and provide support for adopting families. Recognizing that we ourselves have been adopted into God‘s family, we must always treat adopted children as first-class citizens in our midst.

As we take time to reflect on the sanctity of life this Sunday, let us remember why human life is important to God: because we were fearfully and wonderfully made in his image, and reflect, however imperfectly, his glory. In upholding life, we glorify God, which is, after all, the chief end of man.

In Him,

Pastor Brent

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